Module Odoc_latex.RawSource

Raw latex primitives:

Sourcetype pr = Format.formatter -> unit

Helper types

Sourcetype 'a with_options = ?options:pr list -> 'a
Sourcetype ('a, 'b) tr = 'a Fmt.t -> 'b Fmt.t
Sourcetype 'a t = ('a, 'a) tr
Sourcemodule Escape : sig ... end
Sourceval rightarrow : pr
Sourceval label : string Fmt.t
Sourceval verbatim : string Fmt.t
Sourceval pageref_star : string Fmt.t
Sourceval hyperref : string -> 'a t
Sourceval href : string -> 'a t
Sourceval ref : string Fmt.t
Sourceval url : string Fmt.t
Sourceval footnote : string Fmt.t
Sourceval emph : 'a t
Sourceval bold : 'a t
Sourceval subscript : 'a t
Sourceval superscript : 'a t
Sourceval section : 'a t
Sourceval subsection : 'a t
Sourceval subsubsection : 'a t
Sourceval paragraph : 'a t
Sourceval enumerate : 'a t
Sourceval itemize : 'a t
Sourceval description : ('a, ('a * 'a) list) tr
Sourceval item : 'a t with_options
Sourceval small_table : ('a, Types.alignment list option * 'a list list) tr
Sourceval input : Fpath.t Fmt.t

Required OCaml-specific primitives

All the macro should be implemented as "ocaml"-suffixed macro in the latex preamble

Sourceval inline_code : 'a t

Code block customization

Sourceval code_fragment : 'a t
Sourceval code_block : 'a t

Package-dependent primitives

Sourceval indent : 'a t

expected to be implemented with changepage/adjustwidth

Sourceval ocamltabular : column_desc:pr -> 'a t

Any tabular implementation that works well with at most 10 rows


Sourceval ocamltag : string -> 'a t

tag (e.g keyword, type-var, ...) are rendered to


Math mode

Sourceval math : string Fmt.t
Sourceval equation : string Fmt.t