Unix system programming in OCaml

Xavier Leroy and Didier Rémy

1stDecember , 2014

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Translation by Daniel C. Bünzli, Eric Cooper, Eliot Handelman, Priya Hattiangdi, Thad Meyer, Prashanth Mundkur, Richard Paradies, Till Varoquaux, Mark Wong-VanHaren

Proofread by David Allsopp, Erik de Castro Lopo, John Clements, Anil Madhavapeddy, Prashanth Mundkur

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This document is an introductory course on Unix system programming, with an emphasis on communications between processes. The main novelty of this work is the use of the OCaml language, a dialect of the ML language, instead of the C language that is customary in systems programming. This gives an unusual perspective on systems programming and on the ML language.